Art & code


ello! This web site is about my love of two domains that I have woven together through the years: art and code.

I enjoy creating with code and the animated drop-cap to the left is an example. It is an example of visual illusion (carefully look at the wireframes to realize it is not quite aligning with what your brain is trying to see) and uses code to create the various effects (in this case, SVG, CSS and JavaScript).

On the coding side, I started my journey studying telecommunications which gave me a taste for computing, coding and the principles that are at the foundation of today's cloud computing.

Over the years, I have moved between enjoying deep technical work and building and growing teams. I now lead product teams. I love taking an idea from its seed stage to being a real, shipping product customers enjoy (like Adobe XD, my most recent effort).

On the the artistic side, I have always been drawn to visual arts and I admire artists such as Modigliani, Picaso and as I discuss in more details on the Portfolio page, many graphical artists from the 'ligne claire' movement in European graphic novels.

This site shares the many connections between these two passions and the bridges I have built between them over the years.

One of the main bridges is SVG, or Scalable Vector Graphics. It is the web standard for describing vector graphics on the Web and is now widely supported on all web browsers.

I have decidated a major part of my carreer to SVG (implementations, standard) and advocated the advent of a more graphical web. You can find that on the page dedicated to that topic.

The portfolio page describes how I evolved on the creative side, starting to 'create with code', and then moving on to generative art and more recently, a focus on 2D rendering created from 3D tools, with the intention of creating polished creations inspired by Japanese woodblock prints.