About my design work


I grew up reading and admiring the 'ligne claire' of Hergé and other european graphic novel masters. I later learned that some of their work was inspired by Japanese art (in particular Hergé, with the influence of woodblock prints of Hiroshige).

While I studied telecommunications and computer science and that has been the field I have dedicated my efforts to, I have also taught myself visual arts and design, focusing on 3D art.

The reason for gravitating to 3D art is the cheer power of 3D tools such as Maxon's Cinema 4D, which let you create whole worlds and complex scenes with comparatively limited efforts. These tools also allow you mind blowing flexibility when compared to other solutions (certainly traditional media, but also 2D graphical environments). For example, if you do not like the angle of an image towards a building, you can always change the point of view and the camera angle. In other solutions, you have to essentially redraw and recreate the new scene, hoping it will meet your expectations.

Despite my drive towards 3D tooling, I still have the same passion for 2D rendering and the type of woodblock prints mentioned earlier.

So after learning how to use Cinema 4D, if I have turned my efforts more specifically to rendering and trying to achieve renditions that are more reminiscent of traditional 2D art.

Here are a couple examples. You can find more of my work on Behance.

Japanse crests



Abstract plant