The design of this web site losely follows the Material Design guidelines. The design does not attempt to be fully compliant but instead borrows a lot of the great guidance found in the guidelines.

Many thanks to the Google team for making this available for all to use


This site uses icons from Material Design.

Material design icons are connviniently packaged in an icon font and are simply used with the right word referencing the icon. The font contains a ligature for that specific word (as icon fonts do).


The "groove paper" subtle pattern is used on this site's design to give it a texture feel. It is great combined with the CSS mix-blend-mode to convey a tactile feel to the rendering and make it seem like everything is actually drawn on textured paper.

This texture is under the Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) license.

groove paper

no mix-blend-mode

mix-blend-mode: multiply


The following images are from Wikipedia and in the Public Domain in the United States. Other images with copyrights have their copyright holders listed when showing on the site.


See this colophon describing the fonts used on this site.

Source Sans Pro

I love this font from Adobe which has the additional advantage of being open source!

GoodDog New

This font is used in the Ghandi image shown on the home page.